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Why Learn to Drive an Automatic?

Automatic vehicles have no clutch pedal, and all you have to do with the gear selector is select D (Drive) before moving away and then the gears are selected automatically as you drive along.

With the problem of choosing and selecting gears out of the way you will be able to channel your concentration on planning ahead, steering and anticipating what other road users might do, generally making driving much easier as well as safer because both hands remain on the steering wheel for longer.

Learn in Less Time

Automatic cars take less time to learn to drive than manual cars, this can be of benefit to those who wish to learn quickly or those who have found changing gears or clutch control difficult when learning to drive in a manual car.

Automatic cars can also benefit some drivers with ability difficulties.

Auto Introduction Session

If you wish to try a no-obligation lesson in an automatic car to help you make up your mind, then please give us a call...please note, this lesson is not free!

Automatic Driving Lessons in and around Redditch
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 01527 460031
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